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Haitian-American Naamonde Williams took to scribing poems at a young age, influenced by the writings of Walker, Giovanni, and Brooks. Purpose-driven, Williams is an educator and founded the Champion Center to mentor youth in her native Chicago. Before becoming a content creator, she moved to the United Arab Emirates to continue her educational career, teaching and motivating girls that have limited education options. Williams holds a Bachelor's from the University of Minnesota and a Master's of Education from National Louis University and Walden University. She is an avid traveler and photographer.


In 2017, Williams published a book of poems, entitled Thoughts Along the Journey. Continuing her transformative pursuits, she created the companion journal.


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ready to embark on a Journey?

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The self-love journal is a multi-faceted tool to carve out space for your authentic self by focusing on positivity.



Chronicle your experience, celebrate your triumphs, and reflect on perseverance with this dynamic journal.

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