The Perils of a Journey Cut Short By Doubt

I had no intentions of becoming a blogger. For months, I'd get this feeling that I had to do something, I just never knew what or how. I'm no stranger to flash-in-the-pan ideas, I have a graveyard of business plans, blogs, and vision boards. It's really to develop a fear of missing out by Instagram.

But every time I'd get an idea, I'd get flooded with doubts:

"People won't care."

"People won't listen."

"What time do you realistically have?"

"How do you know this is the right thing for you?"

The list of negativity goes on and on. The few folks I shared those ideas with dismissively nodded while listening to me explain said ideas.

I could feel myself talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

Then I decided to create my site and the doubts went into overdrive.

"You're not a writer."

"You're no expert, what gives you authority?"

I realized that support and validation I was seeking had fallen on deaf ears because they didn't understand the assignment God gave me. I could talk for hours about those passions, but it would be a waste of my time and theirs. If I didn't follow through with it.

I had to let the passion thrive through the work. I fully expect the support of my friends and loved ones but I have to do the work for them to support it. I already had the tools, I just needed to execute.

It is our responsibility to do everything that is in our power to share our gifts. Otherwise we are stealing.

"Because there’s someone out there RIGHT NOW who needs what you have to offer! Someone who needs to hear it from you (and only you!).... And if you don’t express it, you won’t make the difference you were born to make." - Marie Forleo

Dr. Matthew Stevenson often says that we are born for the time we are needed the most.

I almost shut this site down three times before launching. I was so stressed out and it seemed like things were happening around me to ensure it didn't go live. I almost gave up on all of the words I typed up for two months straight. I almost gave up on my outlet. I almost gave up a gift.

That is a dangerous thing.

I don't want to be a thief anymore.

When is the last time you took a leap of faith? Did you have doubts? Share your story below.

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